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We offer wood, and faux wood blinds in 2" & 2 1/2" & 3" slats, both come with lifetime warranty.

Blinds are some of the most attractive and effective window treatment options on the market. For starters, they create a natural, warm feeling in any room they are installed. by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

WOOD BLINDS: They are available in a wide variety of styles, and stains, and it’s all complemented by the comforting look of their strong wood grain, elegance and texture. They are lightweight, which makes them great for large windows. Cordless Lift & Lock Option.

FAUX WOOD: They are more affordable and look almost as good as real wood blinds. In addition faux wood window blinds are flame resistant, easy to clean, moisture, and fading resistant. They are heavier than wood blinds, and therefore not recommended for large windows, and there is not as many color choices as wood blinds. Cordless Lift & Lock Option.

Features & Benefits of Fauxwood Blinds:Affordable Style, easy to Clean, durable, moisture and flame resistant, will Not Warp, Crack or Delaminate. Nice 3" valance included.

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